Know Your Flood Risk

Know Your Flood Risk 

According to DEFRA and the Environment Agency, approximately 5.2 million properties are at risk of flooding across the UK. 

Is your property/site at risk from flooding?

By choosing a professional team, you can understand the flood risks you could face and mitigate them. Evans Rivers and Coastal is a member of the "Know Your Flood Risk" campaign to raise awareness of flood risk in the community.

The campaign has been created in conjunction with the National Flood Forum to promote the provision of practical guidance and support to help protect people against the risk of flood. Follow this link to visit the campaign website.
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Flood risk maps
We have the expertise to accurately assess the risk of flooding for your site and help you mitigate it effectively in East Anglia or anywhere across UK. Call Evans Rivers and Coastal on 
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Make use of these free tools

The Environment Agency Indicative Floodplain map is a free mapping tool which can help you identify whether your property or site is located within the floodplain. This can be accessed by clicking here (for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency flood maps click here).

Similarly the Environment Agency has created a free mapping tool showing flood warning areas. To see if your property or site is able to receive Environment Agency flood warnings, click here.
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