Flood Risk Assessment and SUDS

No matter what your requirements are, at Evans Rivers and Coastal we have the capability to carry out all our flood risk work in-house across East Anglia and the UK. 
Map of flood hazard area

Some of our services include:

  • Flood risk assessments for NPPF, TAN 15, SPP, BREEAM and code for sustainable homes
  • Surface water management plans and sustainable drainage schemes (SUDS)
  • In-house 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional river/coastal breach modelling and mapping (using HEC-RAS, Infoworks RS, ISIS and TUFLOW)
  • In-house flood hazard modelling and mapping assessment in accordance with DEFRA/EA report FD2320
  • Flood mitigation and river engineering
  • Flood response / evacuation plans / business continuity plan
  • Coastal retreat, management and adaptation strategies
  • Expert witness
  • Pollution prevention strategies
Know your flood risk
With our affordable and credible flood risk services, you will be able to effectively mitigate the risk of 
flooding for your development. Call Evans Rivers and Coastal on
07896 328 220
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